The Avenger was born out of a desire to bring honesty to local blogging. Much of what is offered by the city’s Blogs is useful, although another much is not. We may not be first to a ┬ástory, but we will be accurate and fair. Plus, The Avenger promises to deliver serious criticism, disdaining the usual fare of profanity and insults known well to the city’s other bloggers. Feel free to show-up here when you wish. And, of course, send us notes, tips or personal thoughts via our “contact” feature…

Editor: Duardo Paz-Martinez

[Mr. Paz-Martinez is a former staff writer with The Associated Press (Denver), The Houston Post, The Boston Globe and The New York Post. He began his Journalism career at The Brownsville (Tx.) Herald, a job he held for the longest year of his life…before moving on…]